Will Hell Really Hurt?
Meriam-Webster dictionary states hell is the "place where the devil lives and where evil people go after they die... 'according to some religions' (added since 1828 for political correctness)". Further references to misery, torment, turmoil, destruction, and inescapable round out the terrifying definition.
Scripture states hell is a lake of fire and brimstone that is never quenched. Created for Satan, but expanded to include anyone who rejects God's offer of salvation, it is refered to as a place of eternal wailing and gnashing of teeth.
So yah, hell hurts. It will be physically and emotionally excruciating... forever.
This should instantly frame the one question you must answer correctly in this life: "Am I positive I've chosen the right hell-avoidance truth claim"?
Ignoring hell or denying its existence seems fool-hearty since man cannot actually prove that God, heaven, and hell do not exist. So, any truth claims presented by self-proclaimed geniuses and holy men founded on anti-God rhetoric are pure conjecture at best. Is it sensible or prudent to blindly trust you and your family’s eternal well-being to their unprovable, irresponsible, self-gratifying, ever-evolving bloviations?
Or... choosing one of the other dozens of man-made truth claims that lessen Hell’s fury, or provides secondary ways out of hell over time, or simply makes it easier to get into heaven and avoid hell (such as, all paths lead to heaven*) are polar opposites to God’s actual truth claim as laid out in His Word. So again, choosing one of these speculative worldviews instead of God’s original worldview could leave you in a very bad predicament when eternity arrives. Can you risk that for you and your family?
Obviously, we think you should get your Bible out and ask God to use it to introduce you to His worldview which is centered on the sacrifice His Son Jesus made for us.
But, you are free to choose any truth you like. That way, if you and perhaps your family's eternity totally suck, you can spend eons and eons blaming yourself for not taking this seriously and doing your own homework while you still had the opportunity.
Our goal here is not to shove God down your throat, but to alert you to the fact that the world is shoving hell down your throat and most people are eating it up.
It's your eternity friend... but please... just do your homework!
WHAT NEXT:          check out the original worldview       connect with original worldview people**      
*You can try to play that "God is love" card and make believe He will accept whatever path you decide will work...
but His Word very clearly states there is one and only one way to avoid hell. Since He is the one who created
heaven and hell, it seems logical, sensible, and reasonable that He gets to make the rules on admission for both.
**We are linking you to the church search function of the Southern Baptist Convention. We do not propose that you have to become Southern Baptist to get into heaven... but we do know their core beliefs parallel God's worldview pretty accuarately once they strip away their "churchiness". So its a good place to find people to help you understand God's worldview from His Word.